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A healthy roof is vital to building safety, durability of assets, and mitigates operational risks. Water impacts commercial real estate and large warehouses in its many forms. Snow and ice increase load on roofs, which can lead to collapse. Clean drains are essential to avoiding backups and pooling which can lead to damage inside and outside a facility. GRS RoofWatch, powered by Divirod, monitors these issues for you.

What is GRS RoofWatch?

GRS RoofWatch is a monitoring and early warning system that is installed on the roof to monitor snow, ice, or water accumulation and provide alerts for timely maintenance. This industry leading service provides:

Safe Operations 24/7. Roof inspection is a risky and time consuming task, and if ignored can lead to costly trouble down the road. GRS RoofWatch monitors water levels day and night, and during weather events. The system provides an automatic and continuous watchdog remote service.

Minimal instrumentation and maintenance. The sensing instrumentation is deployed on to your roof to provide unique mapping of snow, ice, or other water derived anomalies. The instrumentation operates on its own and does not require any user intervention or maintenance.

Timely decision making information available at your fingertips. Getting the right information at the right time is vital to ensure safe operations and roof maintenance. Our system delivers intelligent warnings and alerts that enable decision making staff to respond to issues before they become a crisis. Machine learning algorithms complement the suite of information with forecasts and reports to aid operations planning.


  • Increased safety and reduced need for visual inspections.
  • Early warnings efficiently prevent roof damage.
  • Fully automatic, remote and 24/7 multi-point monitoring.
  • Automatic reports for operations planning.
  • Enables and integrates with Smart Building practices.

Technology Highlights:

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A Whole New Way to Measure
Our technology establishes superior and reliable accuracy through the ultra stable signals of satellite constellations and offers consistent performance anywhere in the world.
Real Time Monitoring and Alerts
We offer certainty, by delivering actionable real-time data through intelligent dashboards.
Millimeter Precision Data and Insights
We deliver easy to understand information, reliable data, and direct access to information without the need to calibrate.
Around the Clock Operation
We provide 24/7 availability, continuity of operations and service, and continuous access to automatic, reliable information.