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Safety. It’s only one word, but it guides everything we do at Greenwood Industries.

Our commitment to safety begins at the top, with our president setting an uncompromising standard for protecting employees and, by extension, safeguarding others who may be working on or near a job site.

OSHA standards are essential and rigorously followed; however, at Greenwood, OSHA is only the beginning. Our safety program exceeds OSHA standards in dozens of specific and documented ways. Our training regimen includes classroom theory and hands-on experience. We focus our training efforts on the high-hazard nature of our industry, with particular attention to fall protection systems, material handling, and rigging and tagging for the safe loading and unloading of roofs. At last count, we own more than seven miles of hard-rail fall protection systems, which in itself elevates Greenwood Industries above our competition. As a result of our vast inventory and investment in safety equipment, we deploy hard rail perimeter fall protection to every project.

Greenwood has a team of full-time safety professionals in the field every day, visiting construction sites to ensure Health and Safety Best Practices are followed. They are empowered to take immediate action to ensure compliance, both for our team members and for other subcontractors we interface with on the project. This unmatched commitment to safety is well known by our partners and the insurance carriers who underwrite commercial construction projects.

While some companies consider safety a cost, at Greenwood Industries, we believe safety is an essential investment that delivers real returns for the safety of our team and the success of all project stakeholders.

Greenwood Industries - Safety

Here are just some of the mandatory certifications we provide for our team.

  • 8 hour Fall Protection
  • Rigger
  • Signal
  • Ladder safety
  • OSHA 10 and 30
Safety Award