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Metal Roofing and Wall Panels

Greenwood Industries, Inc. helps architects realize their dreams, by combining high functionality with the expanded design possibilities of commercial metal roofing and metal wall panels. Strong, versatile and energy efficient, and in colors that enhance any design, Greenwood Industries, Inc. makes striking linear designs possible, with a wide variety of commercial metal roof, siding and wall profiles that expands an architect’s tool box.

The use of metal roofing is growing rapidly because it offers a variety of benefits. One is its aesthetic appeal. Metal roofing systems are available in a wide range of finishes, color and profiles, providing building owners and architects with extensive design flexibility.

Another of metal roofing’s benefits is its long service life. As a result of the zinc, aluminum, or aluminum-zinc alloy metallic coating applied to the base steel, today’s metal roof panels resist corrosion and provide a service life of 20 years or more of trouble-free performance, considerably longer than the standard protection for built-up and single ply systems. We offer fully interlocking metal shingles, standing seam metal roof systems, corrugated metal roof systems and more. All metal roofs installed are considered green; they reflect solar radiant heat, reduce your cooling costs and are fully recyclable.

Another name for metal roofing of any type is cladding. You will find copper, steel, and other metals listed under this category as well as under roofing materials. Like metal roofing, metal wall panels have a long material lifetime. All sheet metal wall panels are available in a wide variety of finishes including, galvanized; galvalume; pre finished steel; pre finished aluminum; copper; zinc; stainless steel; and rusting steel. Sheet metal wall panels fall into four basic categories: exposed fastener, concealed fastener, foam core and custom flat seam. We have the capability of fabricating the panels in our facility or at your site; and with our expertise, there is no design we cannot handle.

Metal Panels

Metal Wall Panels –Metal wall panels envelop the exterior of a building to protect against the elements, prevents heat loss, and to ensure a seamless cohesion in the design of the façade. Metal Panels offer the flexibility of forming curves, angles, shapes, profiles and colors to meet virtually any facade design.

Features/Advantages of Metal Wall Panels:

  • Wide range of finishes and colors;
  • Retains rigidity when bent or formed;
  • Lightweight- Savings in structural materials
  • Long-term beauty and durability;
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Allows for unlimited creations of shapes and forms on the exterior of a building.

3 main types:

  • Un-insulated Metal Panels – Available in a broad selection of profiles, designs, patterns, colors, and metal types. These types of panels offer unlimited design capabilities and ease of installation from concealed fastener to exposed fastener.r.
  • Insulated Metal Panels – A highly efficient continuous insulation encapsulated between two sheets of aluminum or steel. The one piece design of these panels provides energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and ease of construction.
  • Composite Metal Panels. – A high performance product consisting of two sheets of aluminum permanently bonded to each side of an extruded thermoplastic compound core material forming a lightweight, rigid, bendable, and durable exterior or interior wall panel.

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for the recent service you provided in an emergency.  I called you late on a Thursday afternoon and you had the equipment delivered and installed to my site the next day, allowing us to do this critical job safely. In all of my years of facility management I've had multiple roofing contractors that I was bound to using, and I can honestly say the commitment you and your team have shown to Raytheon is the best performance I've ever had. Your level of service is always top notch, your response time is quick, and your commitment to solving issues and improving our roofing system is consistent and reliable. Relationships like this are what keep Raytheon in business and allows to continue to make difficult deadlines for our very important customers. I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.  "

Michael Feeney, Facility Manager, Raytheon Operations