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Greenwood Industries commitment to excellence manifests itself in many forms, including support of and active participation in numerous federal, local government, and industry-related organizations.

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Natural Improvement

Greenwood’s vegetated roofing systems – composed of a protective waterproofing assembly, integrated leak detection and a selection of plants embedded in a growing medium – address several sustainability and facility operations issues.

  • By absorbing large amounts of rainwater, they filter and reduce the amount of water flowing into our sewer systems. This can lower storm water fees and even eliminate the need to build storm water retention facilities.
  • Since vegetated roofs retain little heat, they do not raise building temperatures, thereby lowering energy bills, making buildings more comfortable and reducing strain on HVAC systems. Vegetated roofs also help cool the surrounding air, reducing urban heat islands.
  • Roof life is extended because of superior protection from the effects of weather.
  • The visual appeal of a vegetated roof increases property values through social, recreational and therapeutic uses.
  • Studies have shown that vegetated roofs can reduce people’s stress. They make facilities more comfortable by helping lower both temperature and noise. Some designs may even attract such desirable wildlife as butterflies and songbirds.

Types of Vegetated Roofs

The basic types of garden roof assemblies – extensive, intensive and extensive turf – are distinguished by the depth of their growing media and the plants they support.


Extensive vegetated roofing systems use shallow beds that support only hardy, low-growing vegetation. Requiring minimal maintenance and irrigation, these roofs can be built on concrete or metal decks.


Deeper-bed intensive systems can grow a wider variety of plants and even small trees, making them more aesthetic and garden-like. This system requires regular maintenance and, to support its increased weight, may need additional structural support. These roofs should be built on concrete decks.

Extensive Turf

Extensive Turf systems use relatively shallow growing media to create a healthy growing environment for almost any type of rooftop turf application. Customized for specific end-user applications, these systems also include an aggregate layer, the latest in sub-surface irrigation and fertigation technology and drainage components.

Client Testimonials

"I'd like to formally thank the Service Department at Greenwood Industries for their professionalism and dedication to their work.  From the first call we made to you as a new customer, I could tell you were dedicated to great service.  After that first call, your technician called to confirm his anticipated arrival time, and actually arrived on time!  All of the various roof leaks were satisfactorily repaired and you even called the next day to check on the performance of those repairs. As a Master Electrician who has worked in a service role for many years, and now as acting Facility Manager for one of the Commonwealth's most critical buildings, it was refreshing to see that same respect, values, and professional displayed by your techs that I remember from years past.  You just don't see this kind of customer service as often as we'd like anymore."

Russell Cook, Acting Facility Manager, Electrical Engineer, Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)