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Greenwood Industries commitment to excellence manifests itself in many forms, including support of and active participation in numerous federal, local government, and industry-related organizations.

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Solar Panels

With technological innovation advancing Greenwood’s roofing capabilities, we are proud to offer our customers with best-in-class solar panel roofing solutions that best fit their needs. Our team of roofing professionals is up-to-date with the latest information on solar panels and solar photovoltaic technology, and would be more than happy to help you reach your renewable energy goals.

More commonly referred to as solar panels, a photovoltaic panel converts sunlight into electricity using solar cells. On a solar photovoltaic (PV) roof, an interconnected solar PV panel system is mounted to the roof of a building or home and either stores, directly uses, or feeds captured energy into a large or small electrical grid for general use.

There are many benefits to using a roof-mounted solar PV roofing system. In addition to providing your home or business with a constant source of renewable green energy, solar PV roofing systems can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs. Additional benefits of solar PV panel roofing systems include:

  • In the long run, a renewable energy green roof will pay for itself in utility savings
  • Thanks to improved technology, PV panels now look like normal roofing shingles and tiles
  • Unused power can be sold to a utility company
  • In many states, subsidies and tax credits are available to offset the initial costs of a photovoltaic green roof system. These credits include incentives from the Fed and utility companies, accelerated depreciation resulting in payback over just five years of usage, and the revenue gained by the sale of energy.
  • It is anticipated that solar photovoltaic panels costing $225,000 will create total incentives, savings, and revenue of over $450,000 during a 25 year period. On top of that, everything comes with a twenty-five year guarantee.
  • 25 years of energy production for your company and Renewable Energy Credit sales to utility companies will create a profit for your business.

Client Testimonials

"I'd like to formally thank the Service Department at Greenwood Industries for their professionalism and dedication to their work.  From the first call we made to you as a new customer, I could tell you were dedicated to great service.  After that first call, your technician called to confirm his anticipated arrival time, and actually arrived on time!  All of the various roof leaks were satisfactorily repaired and you even called the next day to check on the performance of those repairs. As a Master Electrician who has worked in a service role for many years, and now as acting Facility Manager for one of the Commonwealth's most critical buildings, it was refreshing to see that same respect, values, and professional displayed by your techs that I remember from years past.  You just don't see this kind of customer service as often as we'd like anymore."

Russell Cook, Acting Facility Manager, Electrical Engineer, Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)