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In building construction, a structure needs waterproofing since concrete itself will not be watertight on its own (but note concrete is easily waterproofed with additives). The conventional system of waterproofing involves ‘membranes’. This relies on the application of one or more layers of membrane (available in various materials: e.g., bitumen, silicate, PVC, EPDM etc.) that act as a barrier between the water and the building structure, preventing the passage of water. However, the membrane system relies on exacting application, presenting difficulties. Problems with application or adherence to the substrate can lead to leakage.

The protection of structural components, buildings, and installations from the penetration of water (antiseepage waterproofing) or of construction materials from the harmful effects of wetting or seepage water or other corrosive fluids (anticorrosion waterproofing). Waterproofing ensures the normal use of buildings, installations, and equipment and increases their reliability and durability.

Waterproofing is differentiated according to its basic material as asphalt, mineral, plastic, and metallic; according to the method of its application as painted, plastered, glued, poured, impregnated, injected, filled, and installed; according to its principal purpose and structural characteristics as surface, keyed expansion-joint, “clamp” and “tear,” joint-and connection-caulking, and multipurpose (for example, in hydrothermal insulation and plastic compensators).

Greenwood Industries employs only highly skilled and experienced professionals to complete waterproofing projects. Greenwood understands the importance and impact waterproofing has on a structure. Therefore, Greenwood Industries ensures the highest product and installation quality coupled with the experience necessary to meet specific project needs.

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"You consistently strive for first-rate workmanship and superior customer service, and uphold Firestone’s high commercial roofing standards. We are pleased to call Greenwood Industries, Inc. a Master Contractor and look forward to continuing our strong partnership for many years to come."

Time Dunn, Firestone Building Products